Tuck Point/Crack (4'',14'') Chaser

Akoda crack chaser blade 4'' diameter with 10mm width segment V-SHAPE is specially engineered to efficiently clean out and grooving and repair random crack in cure concrete, asphalt and other building materials especially crack driveway and sidewalk. It's also used for decorative scoring and joint widen in masonry.

Akoda Tuck Point Blade 4” & 14” diameter with thick segment is special design for mortar removal, grout repair or cleaning of concrete application. It’s commonly used by general masonry or tuck point contractor as tuck pointing in mortar joint and the preparation of masonry surfaces including paver and block. It’s also design for wiring and sensor installation where hacking is no more needed.


5mm Flat
4'' Akoda Tuck Point


10mm V pointed
4'' Akoda Crack Chaser


6mm Flat
14'' Akoda Tuck Point


10mm Flat
14'' Akoda Tuck Point

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